Luke + Roxanne


Romantic Couples Photoshoot
Yeppoon, Queensland

I have been dying to blog this lovers session and I know you’ve been waiting to see more of Luke and Roxanne’s romantic afternoon floating on the Yeppoon Lake.

So… it’s finally here… let’s take a peek… actually… let’s float away for a minute…

Roxanne reached out to me over Instagram after I posted one of my all time favourite images… you might remember it… Mick and Shell and their sunrise surf session.


Roxanne loved the image so much… she messaged me saying… “I need a session like this!”.  “Amazing”… was my first thought… but what quickly followed was… “I’ve got an idea!”. What can I say, I’m a dreamer with an abundance of crazy ideas. If you’ve followed me for sometime… it’s not new news.

So, we set a date… got some props together… and magic is what we created.

I love the adventurous spirit of my couples and this particular afternoon for Luke and Rox was about leaving the kids at home and taking the time to connect and play.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life… sometimes we just need to take it slow… even just for a little while.

This session is the epitome of why I document lovers… be it a wedding day… an engagement session… or perhaps the start of a new chapter… or the end of one. 

The connection between lovers… I think… is overshadowed by life, and it shouldn’t be!

The person who you choose to share the most intimate parts of yourself with, is a huge deal. They know us in a whole different context to the rest of the world, and love us knowing our best and worst.  This is love in it’s entirety!  Not pure, not untainted… but real and raw and messy… with all of your flaws.. and yet… they love you hard regardless.

Doesn’t that make you think twice about how incredible this love is?  This love that you choose… this person who becomes home…

Documenting your love isn’t about capturing milestones.  It’s about documenting the essence of your love… the intimacy… the playfulness… the life that’s been lived and the dreams that still linger.

I’m on mission to change the way you see your love… will you join me?