Tips for your Bridal Preparations


10 Tips for getting the best Bridal Preparation Photographs

Bridal preparations are by far one of my favourite parts of the day to capture!  

The morning of a wedding day is filled with a buzz of activity and an overflow of emotions. It’s such a special time with the people closest to you who have supported you and helped you plan this epic celebration of your love story.  To have these moments captured really elevates your wedding gallery from being “captured” to “documenting your story”.  This is chapter one!    

Now… I want you to picture the morning of your big day… what does it look like?  

Lots of laughs… being pampered with hair and make-up… some bubbles and cute little sandwiches…  

But… what does it REALLY look like?  

Cords and make-up brushes… lots of people squished into a tiny room… suitcases and dirty clothes.  I see this ALL the time.  

But… I do have some tips to ensure your prep is on point and your images of this beautiful morning are exactly what you imagined them to be.  

Let’s dive in to it!

Tip 1: Invest in your preparation location

I cannot stress this enough!  Ideally you want a large room with lots of window light.  My favourite bridal prep locations have been 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in high rise buildings.  These let in so much beautiful light! 

Rooms often have fluorescent or tungsten lights, which create colour casts; this is not ideal for natural skin tones.  I prefer to turn all lights off and rely only on window light where possible.  Your Makeup Artist will also require window light to ensure flawlessly blended foundation.   

While we are on the topic of your prep location… let’s talk room environment.   Messy and cluttered rooms can be challenging and can distract from the genuine and beautiful moments of the morning.  Keeping the clutter hidden and to a minimum will enhance your bridal portraits immensely.

Tip 2: Ditch the robes

Now… I know this is going to be controversial! 

But… those cute matching robes… are never long enough!  Most times they are ill fitting and way too short.  I guarantee you will have a bridesmaid who either won’t wear it or will wear something underneath it because it’s just not covering enough.  

Instead opt for some cute matching button up pyjamas.  Your girls will feel covered enough to have their portraits taken but still cute and fun.  

Tip 3: Remember the details

The smallest details can make the biggest difference in your photographs, such as coat hangers and ring boxes.  These extra details compliment the pieces of your wedding day that hold such special sentiment.  These beautiful little bits and pieces can tell a story of their own.  Some of them will be family heirlooms already and some will be after this. 

Take this opportunity to create something special.  

Tip 4: Get the squad ready first

When it is time to get dressed, it is best for the Bridesmaids to get dressed prior to assisting you, the bride.  This allows for the best images, and also for the sole focus to be on you as you prepare to walk down the aisle.  

Tip 5: Getting dressed  

This is the time when the emotions really start to heighten.  Take the time to enjoy this moment!  

When it comes time for you to get dressed, I will always check in to see when you feel comfortable having the camera present.  Sometimes, the bride will opt for lingerie images while getting dressed and sometimes the preference is to wait until the dress has been pulled up and is ready to be done up.  This is entirely a personal decision.  

Tip 6: Dress first… jewellery last  

In the excitement of getting ready and the anticipation of preparing to get into your wedding dress… it’s enticing to put your jewellery on before your dress. 

But… the best time for your jewellery is after you are dressed!

These make for the most beautiful portraits but also add an element of nostalgia to your images that cannot be described.   Take this moment slow and savour it!  

Tip 7: The big reveal  

Nothing comes close to an emotional reveal!   

On the morning of a wedding there are lots of emotions in the air… and they aren’t all yours!  Your parents are feeling overwhelmed with pride, happiness and love.  They may sit back quietly in the background… but their heart is more present that you may realise.  

Be sure to allow enough time for a reveal… I guarantee these images will be some of the most cherished.

If a tearful reveal with your parents isn’t your style… consider a reveal with your squad.  Their excitement for this day has been building for a very long time and their reactions can be epic.

Tip 8: Allow time for formal portraits  

This time will never come again… in the excitement of the moment it can be a rush to get out of the door and off to the ceremony… but… this time will never come again.  

Allow yourself 30 minutes for some formal portraits once you are ready.  You have experienced this part of your day… but your partner hasn’t.  These are beautiful additions to your wedding gallery and well worth it.

Tip 9: Be sure to eat!  

Don’t forget to eat!  You have a long day ahead of you and your body needs fuel. 

You can opt for a grazing table which makes for cute photographs or a more substantial lunch will be sure to get you through the day.

Tip 10: Celebrate!!  

This is a celebration and we’re here to party!  Grab some bubbles and enjoy this day for how special it is.