David + Natalie


Sweet Family Photoshoot | Rockhampton, Queensland

As a Wedding Photographer, I document many times of unprecedented love and joy… elaborate settings for incredible celebrations.

But… there are also celebrations that are quiet… intimate… pure and powerful. Celebrations we keep to ourselves… the kind the outside world doesn’t see. Moments of taking a pause to relish in the life we create for ourselves.

This was the moment Dave and Nat stopped… to just enjoy… absorb… relish in the beauty that is their every day… and what a perfect afternoon it was.

Dave and his beautiful Nat are also a part of the enormous Guinane clan. So… when Dave asked me to document his perfect little family… not just any shoot would do! It had to be something extra… the kind of photographs I have and treasure of my own precious family. Photographs that tell a story… not just pretty pictures!

For me, it has never been about having pretty pictures on the walls to look nice for visitors… and it never will be! It is about documenting your life and your memories… for you… because this is your legacy. A photograph is a visible and tangible representation of your life… your story… YOU!

So… naturally, we started Dave and Nat’s session within the walls that hold their most precious and intimate moments. The heritage Rockhampton home that has been carefully designed and lovingly crafted by them, for them. A place that will forever be engrained in their story. The first place Hazel will ever call home.

Dave and Nat… I am so proud of you and all that you have grown to be. You are destined for a life of many happy moments and incredible love.

Never forget to take pause in the hustle and bustle of life… to appreciate how beautiful your life is… to treasure each other always… because… THIS… IS… EVERYTHING!

Your Photographer x