Zac + Nicole


The Orchard Wedding, Yeppoon, Queensland

This was the first wedding I have photographed at The Orchard in Yeppoon… let’s just say… it was delicious! Every Wedding Photographer dreams of couples and venues like this!

But… let’s take a few moments to dive in to their love story…

It was 2015 when this Brisbane city beauty found herself Barcaldine bound for a teaching gig with no idea of what was in store for her. It didn’t take long for a friend to play match maker and introduce her to a lad who hailed from the town of Longreach, Queensland.

This was the beginning for Zac, the Butcher from Longreach and Nicole, the Primary Teacher from Brisbane.

This story… I feel… defies some remarkable odds!

The tiny towns of Longreach and Barcaldine…. are TINY! The total population of Longreach in 2015 was just 2,970 people… 1,415 of these folk were strapping country boys.

The total population for Barcaldine in 2015 was even lower… at 1,422 people… just 717 beautiful ladies.

Now… can we just take that in for a moment to truely appreciate the odds of these lovers meeting! With 45% of these populations being already married… I have to say… that is quite remarkable.

Zac and Nicole had their first date at the Ironbark Hotel on the 28th August, 2015… 2,473 days later, they made promises to one another underneath this beautiful Ironbark tree.

Zac and Nicole were married by Rockhampton Marriage Celebrant, Roxanne Hodda in the middle of the fruit orchard on the 4th June 2022. It was not your standard location for a wedding ceremony but it was incredibly romantic… intimate and a dream come true.

Zac and Nicole… I am so happy for you both! It was such a honour to witness your life blooming and to document this day for you.

Thank you for sharing your story with me!

The Dream Team:

Venue: The Orchard

Dress: Angelic Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Chamay Brown Hair & Makeup

Suit: Stewarts

Flowers: Jacqueline’s Silk Bouquets

Celebrant: Roxanne Hodda